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An illustration featuring a hare taking a nap under a tree while a tortoise runs past with wide eyes and a smile

Tortoise & the Hare

The race is on in Tortoise & the Hare.

When a cheeky Hare won't stop boasting about how fast he can run, thoughtful Tortoise decides it is time to join him in a race. No one thinks Tortoise can win, but when Hare gets distracted by games and treats, Tortoise might just surprise us all.

The perfect introduction to live ballet and music, your little ones will be cheering along as a playful cast of characters re-tell this classic tale.

‘delightfully performed and expertly staged new short ballet for young people’
The Stage
Molly the Mole and The Bunnies warm up with Tortoise at the start of the race
The cheer-leading Bunnies with their carrot pom-poms
The Bunnies are there to cheer Hare on at the start of the race
Hare skips and leaps while Squirrel looks on

Creative Team

  • Dreda Blow
  • Sebastian Loe
Set Design
  • Ali Allen
  • Bruno Merz

Main illustration by Emily Nuttall. Photos taken by Brian Slater.

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