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Northern Ballet is committed to creating and maintaining the safest and most supportive possible environment for all children, young people and vulnerable adults that engage with our work.

We believe the welfare and happiness of our participants is paramount, regardless of age, culture, disability, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs and/or sexual identity and we aim to provide safe training, participatory and creative opportunities for everyone we work with. 

It is everyone’s responsibility to support the children, young people and vulnerable adults we work with and therefore, all staff who work with children and young people receive training on how best to support them and have current DBS certificates.

Our Safeguarding Policy details our commitment to protecting the safety and welfare of our participants. Designated Safeguarding Leads have primary responsibility for the policy and co-chair the Northern Ballet Safeguarding Committee.

Read our Safeguarding Policy here:

Download our Cause for Concern form here:

Download our Medicine Agreement form here:

The Safeguarding Committee

Board Level member

Elizabeth Jackson

Director level Member / Designated Safeguarding Lead

Leanne Kirkham
Director of Learning

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Annemarie Donoghue
Academy Graduate & Associate Manager

Designated Safeguarding Officers           

Emma Rodriguez-Saona
Open Programme Manager and Student Support Coordinator

Laura Walsh
CAT Manager

Nicola Phillips
Learning Project Manager

Shaun Daniels
Operations Manager

Child Protection Champions

Will Dawson
Head Receptionist

Fiona Heseltine
Head Receptionist

Emily Deller
Company Manager

Martin Smith
Studio Technical Manager

Learning team

Academy team

Pastoral team   

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