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Academy Ambassador

Teaching faculty

Academy Management

Photo of Annemare Donoghue

​​​​​​​Annemarie Donoghue

Associate, Graduate Programme Manager & Classical Ballet Teacher
Northern Ballet light grey

Francesca Osborne

CAT Programme Manager
Photo of Emma Rodriguez-Soana

Emma Rodriguez-Saona

Open Programme Manager & Student Support Coordinator
Photo of Emily Humphries

Emily Humphreys

Academy Coordinator
Northern Ballet light grey

Alex Goring Jones

Student Support Lead

Classical Ballet Teachers

Photo of Cara O'Shea

Cara O'Shea

Photo of Pippa Moore MBE

Pippa Moore MBE

Photo of Jane Tucker

Jane Tucker

Photo of Fiona Beale

Fiona Beale

Photo of Annemare Donoghue

Annemarie Donoghue

Photo of Amanda Gilliland

Amanda Gilliland

Academy Staff, Edgar Lowman

Edgar Lowman

Photo of Sara Horner

Sara Horner

Photo of Ebony Goodridge

Ebony Procter

Northern Ballet light grey

Michelle Higgins

Guest Teachers

Yoko Ichino looks on thoughtfully during Cinderella rehearsals

Yoko Ichino

Born in Los Angeles, Yoko studied with renowned ballerina Mia Slavenska and began her professional career in 1972 when she joined Joffrey Ballet II as an Apprentice. What followed was a career that spanned three decades.
Photo of Nicola Gervasi

Nicola Gervasi

Nicola is from Todi in Italy where he trained before joining English National Ballet School. He joined Northern Ballet in 2010.

Contemporary Teachers

Photo of Sandrine Monin

Sandrine Monin

Northern Ballet light grey

Anna Cabre-Verdiell

Northern Ballet light grey

Natalie Alleston


Photo of Gerard Power

Gerard Power

Academy Pianist
Northern Ballet light grey

Robert Suddall

Northern Ballet light grey

Jonathan Drummond

Northern Ballet light grey

Alena Panasenka

Northern Ballet light grey

Jon Chamberlain

Northern Ballet light grey

Stephanie Jones

Header photo Justin Slee.