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The Bunnies are there to cheer Hare on at the start of the race

Tortoise & the Hare Story

A clearing in the woods

Hare the champion runner will be competing in today’s big race. Tortoise and his best friend Molly the Mole are also preparing for the day.

On his way to the race, Hare zooms past them and trips over Tortoise. When Molly’s glasses are knocked off, Hare teases Tortoise when he can’t move fast enough to get them back. When she gets her glasses back, Molly is excited to meet Hare, so Molly and Tortoise decide to go to the race.

Molly the Mole serves Tortoise some tea

The race begins

Hare is meant to race against Harold the Hare, but when they are getting ready race, Harold hurts himself. Tortoise volunteers to take Harold’s place! The crowd laughs but Hare accepts the offer thinking how easy it will be to win. The race begins and Hare dashes off while Tortoise, slow and steady, follows a long way behind.

Hare sees Bumble Bee preparing her honey stand and decides to take a rest. Tortoise catches up and Hare pushes past him knocking him over. Instead of stopping to taste the honey, Tortoise carries on with the race.

Further along the track

Hare comes across Squirrel playing games with his collection of acorns. He joins in, knowing he is ahead of Tortoise. Tortoise arrives and Hare dashes past him again. When Squirrel offers Tortoise a game, he doesn’t join in but carries on with the race.

Hare meets a graceful Butterfly and stops to admire her beauty. Seeing Tortoise following slowly, Hare remembers he has a race to win and sends Tortoise spinning.

The finish line

Hare has the finish line in his sights, but spots an enticing vegetable patch. He stops to eat and then falls asleep. Tortoise appears and the crowd cheer for him. Hare wakes up and tries to catch up with Tortoise, but slips on a carrot.

Tortoise wins the race! At first Hare is sad, but Tortoise shakes his hand and everyone dances together. Hare may have lost the race but he has won lots of new friends. 

Everybody is friends at the end

Photos taken by Brian Slater.