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The swans gather around Anthony and Odette in the lake

Swan Lake Characters

Anthony kneels before the mesmerising Odette


A young man. He is haunted by a tragedy from his past and confused by his feelings for his two close friends.
Giuliano Contadini as Simon and Javier Torres as Anthony in Swan Lake. Photo Emma Kauldhar


Anthony’s best friend. He competes with Odilia for Anthony’s affection.
Anthony falls in love with the swan, Odette


A mystical swan-like creature. She emerges from the lake bringing comfort and peace to Anthony.
Simon, Odilia and Anthony dance together


Anthony’s close friend and later his wife. She yearns for Anthony to love her and commit to their marriage.
Anthony's mother is welcomes to the lake with her husband and son.

Anthony's mother

Anthony’s domineering mother. She blames Anthony for the death of his brother in their youth.

Photos from Swan Lake by Emma Kauldhar.