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Chiaki Nagao and Hironao Takahashi in Romeo & Juliet, a ballet by Christopher Gable and Massimo Morricone

Romeo & Juliet

Northern Ballet's classic adaptation of Shakespeare's most famous tragedy; passionate and dramatic, this is ballet at its most intense.

Montagues, Capulets, a Ball, the balcony, fights, death, unrestrained passion, an all-consuming love, the ultimate tragedy.

Sets and costumes designed by the award-winning Lez Brotherston, stunning dancing and Prokofiev's timeless score make Northern Ballet's critically acclaimed Romeo & Juliet an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Juliet and Romeo dance together as they would for the rest of their lives
Juliet and Romeo steal a few moments together at the masked ball
Juliet dances at the masked ball
Juliet's parents in the Dance of the Knights
Juliet dances carefree

Running time 2 hours 24 minutes (approximately)

Creative Team

Production Design
  • Lez Brotherston
Assistant Director
  • Mollie Guifoyle
  • Sergei Prokofiev
Lighting Design
  • Paul Pyant
Fight Director
  • Jonathan Howell
Tour Lighting
  • Johnny Eyre

Photos taken by Merlin Hendy.