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Pinocchio looks questioningly at the shocked Geppetto while the fairy presents him

Pinocchio Characters

Pinocchio preparing to set off to school


A wooden puppet who is brought to life by magic! He is playful and mischievous but gets himself into trouble when he is not quite as truthful as he should be.
Geppetto shocked but happy


A lonely, honest and hard-working carpenter, their greatest wish is to have a son of their own.
The magical water sprite casting a spell on the puppet

The Water Sprite

A magical fairy-like creature who grants the wishes made at their wishing well.
Franny the Frog happily jumping for joy.

Franny the Frog

Pinocchio’s friend and guide, they look out for him and dislikes it when he lies.
Phineus the Fox tempting someone unseen to do naughty things

Phineus the Fox

A sly street performer who persuades the innocent Pinocchio to run away to the circus.
Camden Cat looking suspicious

Camden the Cat

A street performer alongside Phineus, they're bullied by Phineus but share his love for money.
The wicked Showman thinking of all the money he's going to make with the puppet who can talk and walk without strings

The Showman

The greedy ringmaster of a travelling circus, they trick Pinocchio into dancing in their puppet show.

Photos taken by Drew Forsyth.