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Alone in his room, Winston hides from the always watching cameras to write in his highly illegal journal

1984 Characters

Winston Smith

A member of the Outer Circle of the Party who works at the Ministry of Truth. Outwardly supporting the Party but harbouring revolutionary dreams, Winston rebels by starting a diary and embarks on an illicit love affair with Julia.


A worker at the Ministry of Truth, Julia is against the Party’s doctrines but embarks on a rebellious affair with Winston to break the rules, not to change society.


A mysterious man and a member of the Inner Party. O'Brien befriends Winston but he is not what he seems.

Mr Charrington

The shopkeeper who sells Winston his diary and whose spare room Winston and Julia rent for their assignations.

The Proles

A section of society, the Proles are deemed uneducated and unworthy of constant surveillance by the Party.

Photo taken by Emma Kauldhar.