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Star-crossed lovers Romeo & Juliet, her standing en pointe and him kneeling in front of her, both wearing white against a fantasy blue and yellow background.

Rekindle the Romance: Romeo & Juliet Appeal

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene...

Our scene is Leeds, Boxing Day 2015, when a catastrophe struck Northern Ballet. A devastating river flood, damaging £2 million pounds worth of sets and costumes.

A true cornerstone in the history of the Company, Northern Ballet’s beloved 1991 production of Romeo & Juliet, directed by Christopher Gable CBEe and choreographed by Massimo Moricone, was one of the productions damaged in the 2015 flood. In Spring 2024 we plan to restage this universal story, but we need your help to reunite our lovers.

Your donation to the Rekindle the Romance appeal will go towards recreating this timeless ballet and supporting us to cover the increasingly high costs to tour our work, so it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. With your support, Lez Brotherston OBE’s intricate, period costume designs and impressive traditional wooden set pieces will be repaired and updated, meaning this production can be enjoyed by future generations of passionate ballet fans.

Rekindle the romance today.

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Double the Impact

We have been very kindly gifted a match fund pot of £10,000, which means every donation we receive up to £10,000 will be matched £1 for £1, helping your donation go even further in support of restoring this valued piece of Northern Ballet’s work.

Please note that these are examples of what your donation could provide. We will ensure your gift is used where the need is greatest.

Share Your Memories

This version of Romeo & Juliet was last performed by the company thirteen years ago in 2010. As we look towards the future with a new artistic vision, we want to celebrate our history and heritage as a world-class storytelling ballet company. What better way to tell our story than by those who have been on the journey with us?

Let us know the first time you saw Northern Ballet dance the award-winning Romeo & Juliet and let us know why it is special to you:

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