Phoenix Dance Theatre presents a mixed programme celebrating 50 years of the Civil Rights Act; an act that allowed voices to be heard and actions to have meaning. Curated to reflect the company’s engagement with its history and its sweep of choreographers, Tenacity pays homage to the development of Civil Rights in this country.

The evening opens with Jane Dudley’s film Harmonica Breakdown showing the making of her renowned solo choreographed in 1939 which was her response to the Depression and family life in the ‘dustbowl’ of middle America. Alessandra Seutin’s 1976 tells the story of the Soweto uprising in South Africa, where a group of children were shot dead amidst a bloody protest for their rights. Longevity is an emotional duet by Gary Lambert. The piece was inspired by the speech that was famously delivered by Martin Luther King during the Civil Rights March on Washington in 1963. The Audacious One, by Warren Adams is a taut, passionate look into a world of political intrigue and power. Based on Barack Obama’s keynote address ‘The Audacity of Hope’ it examines the question ‘What do we do once we agree to disagree?’